Friday, July 29, 2011

sheri had a little lamb...

...or two.

do you like my new slippers? I think they are completely adorable and i may never
take them off. they are so cute and comfy!

it's friday, do you have plans for the weekend?

it's a long weekend here and i am off to my parents house tonight for my
sister's birthday dinner.
hoping it'll be a sunny weekend so we can barbecue lots this weekend and go for bike rides.
hubs and I like to sit in the yard in the evenings if it's warm enough
and have a glass of wine.
looking so forward to it.

happy weekend my sweet peas! ♥

Thursday, July 28, 2011

the tanning incident

so I *may* have overdone it with the tanning cream last night.
I was trying a new one out and it goes on and instantly gives you a bronzy color
which is nice because you can see where you are applying it.

i thought i had blended it in but you know those areas that are tougher like your hands, wrists,
ankles, knees?
most of those areas i managed to blend in nicely.
but I must have forgot about my hands.

it ain't pretty, gals.
but it will fade right? it looks so nasty!
my feet turned out ok, although I have them hidden in these shoes
i do like the brand, it doesn't smell as bad as some i have tried.
it's a bit on the perfumy side and i felt sticky for a while until it completely dried.
I apply mine before bed and sleep overnight with it on.
then shower in the morning.
so I don't like those awful stinky ones when i have to sleep with it on.
i'll definitely use it again but next time i'll be sure to blend a bit better!
*i really am bad at blending*

not sure how well you can see it but trust me, it's bad. on both sides of both hands!
*top: F21, necklace and headband: claires, , shoes: payless, watch: fossil, nail polishes: love and beauty in magenta, revlon in kiss me coral*

better luck next time!
*do you use self-tanner? have you found a brand you love?*

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

angel in the locker room

so yesterday my faith in people
was a little shaken when I took my kids to swim lessons.
two of my girls are great in the water and doing well in their lessons.
one of my girls, j, is very timid in the water
that is her personality, actually.
she is a quieter girl,
content to play alone a lot of the time with her webkinz, dinosaurs and space toys.
but she has lots of friends and loves to giggle with them and her sisters.
she just has an aversion to athletics, poor girl, just like her mom.
sorry, j, for passing that lovely genetic tidbit onto you.
but she tries.
and that's all I can ask for.
I eventually learned to swim and liked it and so will she.

so imagine my utter shock and lump in the throat-inducing dispiritedness
when I hear a big, loud-mouthed dad spewing,
'look at that girl in the life vest, all she does is sit there on the side and shiver. She does absolutely nothing!'

that 'girl in the life vest' was MY kid. I was mortified. I didn't even know what to do.
i wanted to say something so badly.
but that's not me.
i wish i had.
but if I had opened my mouth, hot-burning tears would have bursted from my eyes
and probably nothing would have come out of my mouth.
i was so ANGRY.
and upset.
what kind of parent says something like that?

i went to get j when her lesson was over and she was upset
because she got scared near the end when her instructor asked her to try a front float.
i was upset about the comment but trying to put on a happy face for her
telling her she was so brave today for trying something new.
kids don't learn things at the same pace.
i know she'll get it eventually.
she's only 7 for goodness sake.
but i'll tell you what this 7 year old kid CAN do,
she can tell you the name of every dinosaur known to man,
she can name all of the planets, in order from the sun outward
before you can even start thinking about which comes first.
she can tell you the name of each and every one of her 15 webkinz
she can identify a nickelback song within the first 2 notes of a song
(yes nickelback...)
she knows what a jabberwocky and a jedi knight is
and she is the sweetest, most gentle kid I know.
i was telling j how proud of her i was
when a mom standing next to us in the locker room,
who knew nothing of the loud-mouthed comment
came over and said to j,
'do you know how brave you are, sweetheart? you are getting better and better each time. you really are, ok?'

thank you, thank you, lady in the locker room,
for restoring my faith.
there is more good than bad in the world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love is everything

*tee: american eagle, jeans: true religion*

Monday, July 25, 2011

i need chocolate

why, oh WHY can I not find a piece of
chocolate in this house?

alright, it's because i'm trying to eat healthy and I do a
pretty good job of it most of the day.
and i try not to buy things that will tempt me.
but there are those times when you just want
*something sweet*
or salty.
(i love chips and salsa!!)

usually I have some dark chocolate on hand because
well, you know, it's
good for you, right?

but right now,
i got nothin'.

my hubby and i went to vegas (my first time!)
in february.
caesars palace had a place that served amazing
chocolate crepes.

i could go for one of those right now.
we also found the 4 story m&ms store.
i happen to love m&ms.

oh the colours, the choices!

alright, alright, enough of that.
going to eat some veggies and hummus now.
maybe i'll pick up a little somethin' chocolately
tomorrow. ; )

do you crave sweet or salty?

happy monday

*hey sweet peas*
how was everyone's weekend?
tell me, tell me!

we had a little get-together for my mom's birthday
⎨which is actually today⎬

*happy birthday, mom!*

it was a lot of fun
the kids played.
we drank.
i bought these pom poms from the dollar store
I thought they were adorable
z and I spent quite a while pulling them apart
and fluffing them up
i bought a big bouquet of flowers
and made 3 smaller bouquets for my table

i absolutely love making flower arrangements

*red velvet*
my poor mom always ends up making her own
birthday cake most years.
she LOVES red velvet
my sis and I made her cake one year
and it turned out pretty good

but she is always way ahead of us
and buys the ingredients before we do
and makes her own cake
this year she did cupcakes
*they were NUMMY*

*m is smelling the lavender jar*
we started the night with martinis
and ended with
j is my little dino girl
and she's sitting with my dad
summer birthdays are so fun!
looking forward to a busy week of
swim lessons and more
summer fun.
happy monday, sweet peas!

Friday, July 22, 2011

it's a good day to shop

so i am not working right now.
i was laid off from my job at the end of May.
it was a welcome lay-off, I probably could have stayed there
in a different department.
but instead i took a package
and decided to
spend the summer with my
sweet peas.

*it's been amazing*
like seriously, i LOVE being at home with them.
there are the odd days where yes, mommy needs a break.
but honestly that hasn't happened often.
it's been a perfect summer so far.

the only thing I really miss about not having a
steady paycheque is
oh yes how i miss thee.
no really, I do.
i had to stop by a mall yesterday to buy a couple of
birthday presents.
i couldn't resist stopping into
a store for moi.

it's ok, i got good deals. : )

i bought this new top
*new top: forever 21, jeans: my own, citizens of humanity, shoes: my own from aldo, watch: my own from fossil, necklace: forever21*

and I bought this super cute skirt
i love the color!
*top: my own from costa blanca, new skirt: forever 21, new necklace: forever 21, watch: fossil, shoes: my own*

i love stripes so this top was perfect
*top: forever 21, belt: forever 21, leggings: my own, shoes: my own, hat: avon*

new belts, dirt cheap!

this is how I usually look
*top: forever 21, belt: forever 21, jeans: my own, citizens of humanity,watch: my own from Fossil, flip flops: my own very old, from walmart!*

my daughters took all of the above pics!
one of them (z) wanted in on the photo action
so here she is. ♥

*top: old navy, leggings: her own, shoes: payless, belt: her own, hat: justin bieber from claires*

I also have a super great hubby who encouraged me to
take some time off and enjoy
the summer with my girls.
i truly am lucky.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the sound of summer

what could be more summery
than the sound of the
ice cream truck
i remember being a kid
and hearing the music
and hoping my mom and dad would say yes

it was a rare treat and so exciting!

we had to say yes
*It was so worth it!*