Friday, July 29, 2011

sheri had a little lamb...

...or two.

do you like my new slippers? I think they are completely adorable and i may never
take them off. they are so cute and comfy!

it's friday, do you have plans for the weekend?

it's a long weekend here and i am off to my parents house tonight for my
sister's birthday dinner.
hoping it'll be a sunny weekend so we can barbecue lots this weekend and go for bike rides.
hubs and I like to sit in the yard in the evenings if it's warm enough
and have a glass of wine.
looking so forward to it.

happy weekend my sweet peas! ♥


loulou said...

Hi Sheri

wishing you a great long weekend there - and love a barbecue at anytime.

that sounds so romantic and peaceful to sit in the yard together with a wine. No TV, do disturbances, just you two and the stars


B.Inspired said...

These are really cute slippers!!! Love how adorable and warm they look and your weekend sounds like it has just the right amount of activity going on! Thank you for stopping by and commenting today!

Luisa RodrĂ­guez said...

Those slippers are super cute!
Loved them!!

Your blog rock! Come visit me sometime too..