Monday, July 25, 2011

happy monday

*hey sweet peas*
how was everyone's weekend?
tell me, tell me!

we had a little get-together for my mom's birthday
⎨which is actually today⎬

*happy birthday, mom!*

it was a lot of fun
the kids played.
we drank.
i bought these pom poms from the dollar store
I thought they were adorable
z and I spent quite a while pulling them apart
and fluffing them up
i bought a big bouquet of flowers
and made 3 smaller bouquets for my table

i absolutely love making flower arrangements

*red velvet*
my poor mom always ends up making her own
birthday cake most years.
she LOVES red velvet
my sis and I made her cake one year
and it turned out pretty good

but she is always way ahead of us
and buys the ingredients before we do
and makes her own cake
this year she did cupcakes
*they were NUMMY*

*m is smelling the lavender jar*
we started the night with martinis
and ended with
j is my little dino girl
and she's sitting with my dad
summer birthdays are so fun!
looking forward to a busy week of
swim lessons and more
summer fun.
happy monday, sweet peas!


Stitchfork said...

Looks like fun was had by all!
xo Cathy

pretty pink tulips said...

This looks like a darling party!! Love those paper flowers!!!

Just back from dropping our son at camp. Missing him already but excited about cleaning out his room while he's gone. You don't think he'll notice, do you?! :)

xo Elizabeth

B.Inspired said...

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! What a fun birthday for your mom, my mom celebrated her 60th this month too! Cheers to our fabulous Moms :)