Thursday, July 14, 2011

pink pancakes in my boot

So remember THIS post? (It was only 2 days ago). And how it ended with 'What should we do tomorrow?'

Ya, well you'll never guess how we topped off that interesting day.

Yesterday, we went to a Stampede breakfast and got absolutely POURED on. I'm talking the sky opened up and dumped every drop of H2O it could find on
us, the poor schmucks waiting in line for pink pancakes. They were pink for breast cancer but not only pink. Soggy and pink.


*our boots*

We were the first group in line and they literally had JUST opened the lineups and it started to pour. I didn't want to miss getting breakfast, we were thisclose to getting it! But the pancakes weren't quite ready yet, plus the water was dripping ON the griddles so the pancakes that were almost done were getting soggy. They had to toss those. I lost my sis and her family and my parents with two of my kids. They had made it to shelter after getting rain soaked. It was just my little one and me in line, getting drenched. We had umbrellas but I couldn't hold plates, cutlery, juice, my backpack AND the umbrellas so I had to take the umbrellas down.

I found out later one of my girls lost her pancakes, I think her plate was so soaked, it collapsed. My parents didn't even get their breakfast because the griddle in their line wasn't working or something.

What a train wreck!

But we ended up with enough pink pancakes and sausages to feed our whole group and we headed for the mall (the breakfast was in the mall parking lot). We eventually went to buy some hot drinks and found a bunch of other family in the food court. They gave up and bought breakfast. Smart people.
*me and my sis*

And to top it off, when my daughter took off her boot, she had a flattened piece of pink pancake inside it.

Do we know how to have fun or what?

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Erin Tagle said...

I love it. And those red boots.

Wait, are you in Texas?! Lemme go looky at your profile. :)