Tuesday, July 26, 2011

love is everything

*tee: american eagle, jeans: true religion*


Kristie Was Here said...

Can I have that shirt? Pretty please?? ;) I really like the font they chose. (Yep, word nerd here).

I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for your comments yesterday (on Ashley's blog). I really appreciated your kind words.

much love,

Sheri said...

haha...sure! I'll send it to ya. ; )
I like the font too, american eagle is good at that. I'm starting to feel a little old to go into that store. haha...but I still love their stuff so what the heck!

B.Inspired said...

What a cute t-shirt!!! I haven't bought a graphic tee in ages so I think this is just the inspiration that I needed!

loulou said...

Hi Sherri

thank you for dropping by my blog - it is great to "meet" you :)

I love your blog too (mutual admiration society)

I think you appear to have the most vivacious and amazing spirit - you have a blog aura (that's a good thing)

Till next post - keep well

Loulou (Australia)