Monday, July 25, 2011

i need chocolate

why, oh WHY can I not find a piece of
chocolate in this house?

alright, it's because i'm trying to eat healthy and I do a
pretty good job of it most of the day.
and i try not to buy things that will tempt me.
but there are those times when you just want
*something sweet*
or salty.
(i love chips and salsa!!)

usually I have some dark chocolate on hand because
well, you know, it's
good for you, right?

but right now,
i got nothin'.

my hubby and i went to vegas (my first time!)
in february.
caesars palace had a place that served amazing
chocolate crepes.

i could go for one of those right now.
we also found the 4 story m&ms store.
i happen to love m&ms.

oh the colours, the choices!

alright, alright, enough of that.
going to eat some veggies and hummus now.
maybe i'll pick up a little somethin' chocolately
tomorrow. ; )

do you crave sweet or salty?


Julia_Julia said...

so cute)

Nelah said...

Dark chocolate is my favorite too but can't go over 65% of cocoa concentration. We always stock some sweet stuff in a pantry, especially my husband.