Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my pretty new old bike

so this weekend my hubby bought an old bike.
thought he'd use it for camping.
it even folds in half

i gave it a whirl.
thought it was a pretty ugly color (rusty old brown)
but i liked riding it.
it was just my size.
i'm short.

so i asked hubby if he could paint it.
sure, he said.
how about purple I said.
hmmm...well ok, I could still ride it around a campground
even though it'll be purple, he said.
*maybe not*
it's looking pretty purple there honey.
guess it'll be your bike, he said.
*me jumping for joy on the inside*
well, ok.
do you think you could put a basket on it for me then too?
pretty pleeeease?

*guess this one won't be for camping*
sorry honey.
my hubby is the best.
thank you for giving up your weekend
to fix it up for me.
I love it.


July said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! so excited to have found your blog!


SVT said...

Thanks, July!!!! Likewise!

Bon Bon said...

Such a cute bike! I'm all about the color and the basket. Aren't hubbies the best?:-) xoox

SVT said...

I love color too! Thanks for visiting!

Erin Tagle said...

Um. So JEALOUS of that purple bike/ It's beyond cute. Lucky you. :)

SVT said...

Thanks Erin, I feel like I'm 10 years old when I ride it. It's kind of hilarious how giddy I get about it!