Tuesday, July 12, 2011

25 random things

As I get comfy here in this vast blogaverse, I realize that I have not shared much about myself with you all. I read so many of your blogs and blog-hop (one of my favourite past-times) and I love how open and sharing you all are of your lives, hopes, dreams, frustrations and your most personal thoughts.

I've always found it difficult to open myself up to people and totally trust them. I guess it's the fear of getting hurt. But I so appreciate the time you take to visit my blog so I am going to give a little back and put out some random, and not so random facts about myself. I hope you enjoy and even do one on your own blog, leave me a comment or send me an email and link to your blog so we can get to know each other a little better.

Ok, here goes!

1. My name is Sheri, nice to meet you!

2. I feel like there are 3 people in my life that have made me a better, more confident person. My hubby, my sister and my friend Dusty. There are so many qualities I admire in each of you, qualities I want in myself and I aspire to everyday. Thank each of you for being you. You have made a difference in my life.

3. My first day of University, I vowed to speak to at least one person in each of my classes to get over my shyness. It worked. (Well, I'm still a bit shy in big groups)

4. It scares me how much I love my kids. I don't know how I would survive without them.

5. I have to brush my teeth before I shower in the morning, I hate having morning breath while I shower.

6. I love to journal. I have probably 7 journals on the go right now. One for each of my kids (that would be 3), one for my own personal thoughts, one for gardening, one for organizing my day to day life, one is a travel journal. Ok, I have more than 7....

7. I am obsessed with lists. It's scary how good it makes me feel to check something off a list.

8. I have twin girls that were born through invitro fertilization. My youngest girl was made the natural way. Go figure.

9. Is it possible to be in love with a piece of technology? I ♥ my laptop. Like really, i LOVE it!!

10. One of my life's dreams is to write a children's book with my sister and turn it into a successful series of books. We have ideas...

11. I want and love to travel, yet I am scared to travel to foreign places.

12. I love the movie Legally Blonde, I never get tired of watching it.

13. I am 38 years old but I feel 25 inside.

14. I am SO proud to be Canadian but I wish that we could throw a party like the 4th of July.

15. I love pickled eggs but only my Dad's recipe.

16. I secretly wish I could shop every single day. Ok, its no secret, really. As a teenager and young adult, I wanted to save, save, save my money. Now I just want to spend it on clothes and things for my house and it's a struggle to control myself.

17. I have watched Days of our Lives since I was a teenager.

18. I used to ride the school bus to high school and secretly wish I was on my way to work in Hollywood on some fabulous hit tv show.

19. I hate phoning people. I should clarify, I hate phoning people I don't know. I would rather meet with someone face to face or email them rather than pick up the phone. It gives me stress, I literally will lose sleep over anticipating having to phone someone. I'm getting better as I get older.

20. I really, really regret ripping up my little sister's drawings to me in fits of anger when we were kids. It makes me cry to think of that to this day.

21. I wish I was good at sports but I was good at academics.

22. I love Keith Urban. If we are going to be friends you need to know this about me.

23. I secretly wish to be and would love to meet JLo or Beyonce. Being a rockstar would be supercool.

24. I hate when people make fun of other people for things they like. If my kid worships Justin Bieber, let her.

25. I could eat nachos and cheese everyday. Forever.

Well, that was fun! I could have gone on and on. I'll save it for another
day! Can't spill ALL my secrets at once. ; )


Erin Tagle said...

OK, so you are Canadian, not Texan. LOL

Um. Ok. Here goes:

1.) I'm such a list maker too. I cannot operate w/o them.

2.) I was incredibly shy going to college, and made myself do the same thing. My mom also made me join a sorority. I ditched my shyness (it was sooo hard) but I have enjoyed life so much more ever since. Being shy really does suck. Right?

3.) I'm 35 and I feel 25. I guess that's a good thing, huh?

4.) Legally Blonde is the best. Reese rocks it!

5.) Oh how I ADORE Beyonce too. OMG ... is it strange to have a younger, pop star idol ... since we are Moms and all? ;) JLo is pretty darn fab too. It made watching Idol this season worth it. Girl Crush 100%

Love your post! We could be sisters. :)

SVT said...

Yep! I'm from Calgary! We have the Calgary Stampede every July and it's so much fun getting the boots and hats out!
I SOOOO love your blog, we sure do have a lot in common! I'll be visiting every day!