Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still kickin'

Howdy gals!

I'm still around but have been soooooo
neglecting my little Sweet Peas.

Will you accept my apologies?!
I hope you haven't given up on me.

Work is crazy.
Life is busy.
But it's almost summertime!
No more school and kid activities.

Geez, you really know you've been away
awhile when you come back and blogger is 
completely different!

I don't even recognize things around here!
My girls had their dance recital.
They did a beautiful job!
Holeeeee hair and makeup, Batman.
Took me forever.
Here they are with their dance teacher.

And a family pic thrown in for good measure.

So I went out on a girls night this past
Saturday night.
I got home at 3am.


I never do that.
Momma needs her sleep.

But it was a great night.
We went all out.
We got a limo, went for a chic (aka freakin' expensive) dinner,
And had a reserved table at a downtown nightclub on the rooftop patio.

Yup, I'm the short one.
And I had heels on too.

Here is my lovely friend who organized it all.  
She is worldly and makes sure I get out of the house now and then.
: )

Dressy dress

I love gettin' girly.

I also went on a girls weekend with my Mom and sister to the mountains.
We did a spa day, had dinner and stayed overnight.
We also had an amazing brunch the next day at super fancy hotel.
Fab-o. : )

Me and my mama...

Me and my sissyboo...

I know, people say we look like twins.  We aren't.
She's older.

Ok, I lied.
We are twins.

Ok, I lied again.
I am 19 months older but I like the twin thing better.
I love my sissy.

So that's what I've been up to in a nutshell in between our kids' activities, soccer,
swimming, horse-riding lessons and dance.

I am trying to slowly figure out a good time to blog
because I really do miss it and I miss hangin' with all my 
bloggy loves.
That would be you.

I hope you'll follow me on twitter
I'm also on instagram - search sherisweetpea

Til next time, sweet peas!

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