Monday, February 27, 2012

Cute Blog Award

A couple of weeks ago, Kim from A Very Sweet Blog
bestowed the wonderful honour of a Cute Blog Award
on Sweet Pea!

I appreciate it so much, Kim!
Kim's blog is SUPER-cute,
so pretty and always full of amazing things.
I'm really touched that she thought of me for this award.

So now I get the super fun task of passing on this award!
But first answering the award goes!

The Cute Blog Award Questions: 
1.What is your go to make-up brand? Usually whatever is on sale at the drugstore!  But I do like MAC when I get to splurge. 
2.What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?  Bright colour...or is that this year? 
3.What is your favorite dessert?  Anything with chocolate, although I had cherries jubilee once and thought it was straight from heaven.
4. Favorite color?  Purple
5. What is your middle name?  Deanne
6. What is the last song you listened to?  Stronger by Kelly Clarkson (LOVE this song!)
7. Cats or Dogs?  Dogs

There you have it!
And now, my picks for The Cute Blog Award are:

Whatever you choose to do with the award, ladies, just know that I adore your blogs
and you brighten my days!

Happy Monday, now go ROCK the week, sweet peas!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day off

So no Fill in the Blank Friday today,
Lauren, who I usually link up with is
a new mommy and is spending some
precious time with her babe.
Enjoy, sweet lady.
: )

Thank you my sweet peas, sooooo much
for all the fantastic feedback on yesterday's post.
You all gave me some great ideas.
I am going to consult with my decorator
*aka hubby*
and figure something out.
Hubs is also working on developing our basement
so not sure how much time we'll have for another project.
I really want to get started though!
I miss my Grandma so much and I'm hoping this will help me heal a bit.

Thank you again for all your input, it is so lovingly appreciated
**kiss kiss hug hug**!!

I am really excited for today,
the girls are I are going to visit one of my favourite
people after school today.
My Aunt - she is so amazing,
she always feeds the most delicious food and it
is always impeccably presented. 
She is a very elegant lady,
very artistic,
and every time I go to her house
she has changed around her artwork on the walls,
moved furniture around or bought some new fantastic book to peruse.
I LOVE that!
She is so inspiring to me
so I really cherish the time we spend together.

And I am allllmost ready for my twins' birthday party on
They will be 8.....I say it every did that happen?
8 years ago I had a ginormous belly and was verrrry uncomfortable

Happy Birthday to my sweet, crazy, wonderful, gorgeous girls.
Mommy loves you like crazy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have not always been a fan of old 'stuff'.
I am more an out with the old, in the the brand-new kinda girl.
But seeing how people have refurbished old stuff
is amazing!

I have a dressing table and dresser that belonged to my Grandma.
They were always in her bedroom and I have good memories of them.
I got her dressing table when she moved out of her house and into
her apartment a few years back.

Then I got her dresser when she passed away in December.
Both pieces are sitting in our *unfinished, dirty* basement
and it makes me so sad that they are not being loved and used.

They are old and need some TLC, paint, something.
They are not the best quality or the best-made pieces either.
So I am not sure what I can or should do with them.
But they mean a lot to me.

I really really love the brightly painted furniture styles
I see nowadays like this one

Or the distressed pieces like this

I REALLY love this funky piece

Not sure where I'd put it but....I would LOVE that in my house!
; )

My hubby thinks I need to keep the 'art deco-ish' pattern on the pieces
which I probably should but I'm not sure if I am huge fan of.
But yet, I feel like I should preserve that part of them.

The dilemmas!
I am terrible at envisioning the potential in something old
so I'm hoping my hubby, who is good at that stuff,
or one of my wonderful followers...!
Can give me some inspiration.

Have you ever refurbished a piece of furniture?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Most wonderful day

Sorry for the quality of this pic clip but I loved the message in this
so much, I had to share.

Sometimes I forget to live by these words.
The day-to-day-to-day of life
can sometimes beat a person down.
I SO want to remember that today should be my most wonderful day.
This makes me teary-eyed and I am totally using this
on my kids to remind them of the same thing.

Lovely. ♥

Monday, February 20, 2012

Art journaling

Hey sweets!
So a while back I told you I was taking an online art class.
It is called Letter Love and it is a how-to on art journaling.
I am SO in love with it!
Even my girls have been doing their own little journals.

There is one week's worth of lessons left and I will be so sad when it is over.
But I will have all this new knowledge to keep creating more and
more beautiful journals.

Here are a few pics so far.

*the front of my composition book, decorated by moi*
this is the book we use to practice lettering and different techniques

*notice my super pretty tape too...heehee...*

*my name*

*my pretty tape samples and my first painted page and lettering*

*painted pages all ready for journaling*

Super fun, if you are interested in art journaling
click on over to THIS PLACE.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grocery shopping

Source: via Elyse on Pinterest

Ok, seriously.
Does anyone else dislike grocery shopping as much as I do?
I really really really dislike it.
Usually my hubby does the major grocery run,
and I get the few extra things needed throughout the week.
Milk, fruit, this and that for whatever supper I am making.

I know, I'm lucky that my hubs does it.
But today, I had to go myself so one of my kids came with me,
you know, for moral support.
Source: via Diana on Pinterest

I had to go to the store that I dislike the most because
they actually have the best cuts of meat and are the cheapest.
I had a huge list of other things to get
but I got my meat and got outta there!
It was so busy for one thing, people everywhere!
Not only that but they are renovating the entire store
so everything has moved. 
Not that I could ever find anything in this 
gigantic store to begin with.
My already low patience was at this point - gone.

Got the meat.  Got outta there.
Went to my more expensive but waaaay less busy store.
Ahhhh....Much better.
I even got the fast cashier.
You know the one.
You always look for her or him because they can scan those 
items like there is no tomorrow.
I wanted to hug her.

I really really tried to go into it the whole ordeal with a positive attitude but it 
was just brutal.
It maybe serves me right for going on a busy Saturday but it had to be 
done today.

Do you guys love or loathe getting groceries?
Tips to help impatient shoppers like moi?
; )
Thanks for letting me vent.
I feel muuuuuch better now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet peas!
Whew, we got all the kids valentine's done for their classmates
signed and sealed with a lollipop.
Then we had to figure out what to send for their class parties - food treats!
Then I had to run out yesterday and get some Valentines-y things
for the girls.
Plus figure out what to get and do for hubby.
What a busy little day, this Valentine's is.

I have had (single) years where I just wanted Valentine's Day to go away.
I know a lot of people that detest Valentine's day, 
and believe it's just another commercially driven holiday.

But I do think that any chance or reason to tell someone we love 
them is a good thing.

So, my little sweet peas, you are LOVED.
Go forth and drink wine.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Oh, hubs sent me this little funny this morning.
Warning...It's not one for the kids but...
Had to share.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Hi lovelies.
It's Friiiiidaaaaaaay!
I hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend.
Or lots of relaxing.
We had dinner plans for tonight but had to cancel
since hubs and I are sick.
Not impressed.
I was really looking forward to it
and I feel so bad cancelling on people!
We are on the mend though, so hopefully
something fun will be on the menu this weekend!

I am linked up with Lauren from the little things we do
Here we go!

1.  I started my blog because I love to journal and write and I love pretty things.  It was a good way to share pretty things and meet other wonderful bloggers.  I LOVE it!

2.   One thing I love seeing on other blogs crafty ideas, pretty things, awesome clothes and hearing about their everyday lives.  

3.  Something I love about blogging  how everyone is so supportive of one another.  It's such a close network and I love the feeling of community.

4. A favorite blog post of mine is probably my 2011 year in review.   It was long and took a while to put together but it is so nice to have that and be able to look back at what an amazing year we had.  

5. Something my friends in real life know about me that I've never before mentioned on my blog is   that I am sensitive.  I try not to be, but becoming a mom made me so overly sensitive about things and about how people treat one another.  Just because I want my girls to be treated well and treat others well.  We all need to just get along basically!!!

6.  My new favorite blogs to read are I really like Hope In High Heels and Ooh La Frou Frou.  I don't know if they are new but they are new to me!

7.  Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blog are being too negative or too serious.  Sometimes it's nice to vent and get things off my chest but for the most part it's all about the positive, sweet peas!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vicks VapoRub Valentine and A Bloggy Award

Howdy sweet peas!
Been a bit MIA this week because my wonderful
daughters decided to be so caring and sharing
and give me a lovely present.
Their colds.
Hubs and I both caught it.

I feel like I am always complaining about someone
being sick in this house!
Well, it's winter, I guess.
Comes with the territory.
And having three kids.

I cannot believe Valentine's day is RIGHT around the corner.

I was hoping my girls would like to make these for their friends this year

But nope.
They opted for the store bought valentines.
I really wanted to make them.
: )

I really like these

I think we might make them for the Grandparents
for Valentine's Day.

I really need to figure out what to get my hubby.
We usually go out for dinner or do something special for Valentine's Day.
I think this year we might stay in (since it's on a Tuesday....boring!)
and make a yummy dinner here at home.
Especially if we are both still sick.
How romantic, both of us smelling like
Vick's VapoRub.
Remember Monica and Chandler?

Well, at least we are both sick.
Still.  Gross.
So back to talking presents.
; P

So, I noticed on Twitter the other day,
will send your significant other
a 'hint' about what you would like from their site

I thought I would be funny and send one to my hubs.
I sent one to work and one to his home email.
He didn't mention a thing, so last night I asked him if
he got any emails from me.
He said, ya, which one do you want?

I WAS joking but since you asked...

Oops how did THAT get in here?
: D
We'll see.
I really don't need anything so fancy.
But he is the sweetest hubby ever.
And he does read this blog.
Because he's so supportive that way.

Ok, this post is already really long.
Making up for missing a few days.

But I have to mention that
gave me an award today!

She is soooo amazing, her blog is so adorable,
it's everything I LOVE!
She always finds the most amazing things and she's FUNNY!
If you don't already know her, go visit!

Thank you so very much, Kim.
It's an honor to get an award from a blogger who I admire
and whose blog makes my day brighter.

I will forward on this award in a future post
because truthfully I have been trying to write this post for
in between all the nose-blowing

Love you, babes!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

What's up my little, sweet peas?!
We are at home today,
no school,
one of my kids is sick.
So we are having a movie afternoon.
My girls love all the Disney Buddies movies,
have you seen any of them?
Santa Buddies,
Snow Buddies,
now there is a new one,
Treasure Buddies.
That's what we are watching.

Anyone watching Super Bowl on Sunday? 
I am using it as an excuse to 
eat lots of chicken wings!!!!
And probably some nachos and guac.
; )
Can't wait to see Madonna perform at halftime too.

Ok, here are my fill-ins.
Go show Lauren some love.

1.   If money wasn't an issue, the first thing I'd cross of my life list is  pay off all my family's houses.

2.  Pickled eggs is something I like that other people think is weird.  Only when my Dad makes them, they are AWESOME!

3.  If my life were a movie right now, the title would be  most of the time "It's a Wonderful Life" but yesterday and it today it would be "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next" because I'm going cuckoo dealing with a sick kid!

4.  Three things I am looking forward to this month are  my twins 8th birthday ,  Valentine's Day and hopefully a date with my hubby and  dinner with some new friends!

5.  My favorite song to sing in the shower is 'I'm sexy and I know it'  haha....KID-ding.  Ummm...I more hum than sing...usually it's whatever is on the radio when I wake up.  I like Rihanna's 'We Found Love' right now.

6.  If I found out that the production of  salt and vinegar chips  was ending this month, I'd go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow.

7.  One thing I'll never grow tired of is hearing my kids say I love you, Mommy. 

Happy Weekend, sweets!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty tape

Hey peeps,
I am working hard on my new journalling art
And learning lots!!

If you are interested, you can sign up

One thing that our 'teacher' uses in her journalling to make things
pretty is
Japanese Washi Tape.

Have you guys seen this stuff?
It's adorable!!

I am probably so behind the times and you guys know all about
this stuff already.

I LOVE finding new cute craft supplies,
do you guys have anything you absolutely cannot live without?
Lemme know!

I bought these on Etsy today.

It makes me happy looking at these.
They must arrive NOW.
; )