Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vicks VapoRub Valentine and A Bloggy Award

Howdy sweet peas!
Been a bit MIA this week because my wonderful
daughters decided to be so caring and sharing
and give me a lovely present.
Their colds.
Hubs and I both caught it.

I feel like I am always complaining about someone
being sick in this house!
Well, it's winter, I guess.
Comes with the territory.
And having three kids.

I cannot believe Valentine's day is RIGHT around the corner.

I was hoping my girls would like to make these for their friends this year

But nope.
They opted for the store bought valentines.
I really wanted to make them.
: )

I really like these

I think we might make them for the Grandparents
for Valentine's Day.

I really need to figure out what to get my hubby.
We usually go out for dinner or do something special for Valentine's Day.
I think this year we might stay in (since it's on a Tuesday....boring!)
and make a yummy dinner here at home.
Especially if we are both still sick.
How romantic, both of us smelling like
Vick's VapoRub.
Remember Monica and Chandler?

Well, at least we are both sick.
Still.  Gross.
So back to talking presents.
; P

So, I noticed on Twitter the other day,
will send your significant other
a 'hint' about what you would like from their site

I thought I would be funny and send one to my hubs.
I sent one to work and one to his home email.
He didn't mention a thing, so last night I asked him if
he got any emails from me.
He said, ya, which one do you want?

I WAS joking but since you asked...

Oops how did THAT get in here?
: D
We'll see.
I really don't need anything so fancy.
But he is the sweetest hubby ever.
And he does read this blog.
Because he's so supportive that way.

Ok, this post is already really long.
Making up for missing a few days.

But I have to mention that
gave me an award today!

She is soooo amazing, her blog is so adorable,
it's everything I LOVE!
She always finds the most amazing things and she's FUNNY!
If you don't already know her, go visit!

Thank you so very much, Kim.
It's an honor to get an award from a blogger who I admire
and whose blog makes my day brighter.

I will forward on this award in a future post
because truthfully I have been trying to write this post for
in between all the nose-blowing

Love you, babes!


Franka said...

Get well soon!
And happy Valentine next week!

♥ Franka

Jessica said...

That episode of Friends cracks me UP!
And that key necklace is perfect! :)
*hint hint hubs* lol

Feel better, girl!

Satin And Salt said...

Sheri I too have a bad cold! I didnt even come on suddenly, I just woke up sick. I hate it! Thanks for the sweet sweet comment on my blog! Isnt Kim the best? also i REALLY want to make those butterfly cards. Maybe not for valentines day because its fast approaching but perhaps for easter! Plus I love an excuse to eat a lolli! wanna follow each other? You know, since we are both cute and all!? hahah


Bravoe Runway said...

OH NO! You caught their cold? I hope you feel better soon! And what a nice husband, I can't wait to see which necklace he'll end up getting you :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHAHA Sheri! If he asked which one you want...GO FOR IT!! There's nothing like the little blue box. Those butterfly valentine cards are just too cute. My mom use to get me a box of valentines and I would sit at the table nearly half the day picking out what valentine should go to WHO! HAHAHAHA She said they all looked the same to her, but I was adamant that certain ones had to go to certain people. LOVE the cards you may make for the grandparents. Those are the best! Thank you so much for the shout out girl! I was tinkled pink when Nelah gave me that award and wanted to pass it along to a few others LIKE YOU! Check out her blog, I really think you would like her and her posts. ((HUG))

hope in high heels said...

Love the Valentine's Day craft ideas - they look super fun! Yes... Tiffany's would make a fabulous gift wouldn't it?!