Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grocery shopping

Source: via Elyse on Pinterest

Ok, seriously.
Does anyone else dislike grocery shopping as much as I do?
I really really really dislike it.
Usually my hubby does the major grocery run,
and I get the few extra things needed throughout the week.
Milk, fruit, this and that for whatever supper I am making.

I know, I'm lucky that my hubs does it.
But today, I had to go myself so one of my kids came with me,
you know, for moral support.
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I had to go to the store that I dislike the most because
they actually have the best cuts of meat and are the cheapest.
I had a huge list of other things to get
but I got my meat and got outta there!
It was so busy for one thing, people everywhere!
Not only that but they are renovating the entire store
so everything has moved. 
Not that I could ever find anything in this 
gigantic store to begin with.
My already low patience was at this point - gone.

Got the meat.  Got outta there.
Went to my more expensive but waaaay less busy store.
Ahhhh....Much better.
I even got the fast cashier.
You know the one.
You always look for her or him because they can scan those 
items like there is no tomorrow.
I wanted to hug her.

I really really tried to go into it the whole ordeal with a positive attitude but it 
was just brutal.
It maybe serves me right for going on a busy Saturday but it had to be 
done today.

Do you guys love or loathe getting groceries?
Tips to help impatient shoppers like moi?
; )
Thanks for letting me vent.
I feel muuuuuch better now.


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Every Saturday there is an open market at my village, so I prefer going there to buy my fruits and vegetables.
Generally I like buying them and I prefer to buy locally and seasonally so I support local farmers, yet this may be happening cause I'm an agriculture!

lou lou said...

Hi Gorgoeus gal

I hate it.
I though think I control the issue of shopping over my husband as if I go - then I get all I want and things aren't forgotten or left off.

I have done the online shops a few times but find so many things more expensive that way.

We are huge vegetable and fruit fans (as I am munching on rock melon and freshly cut pineapple as I type :)
I have to go several times a week to replenish our stores of veges as I am just getting back into my juicing.
(naughty habbits crept in and the good old healthy habits are back baby!).

Also - I haaaaaate unpacking the groceries too (though I think I may have mentioned that to you once before :) and as I am a everything away gal - I need to put everything away straight away!

have a wonderful day and hope you get to cook up something delish with the divine haul you just purchased.


loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


Satin And Salt said...


I know you hate grocery shopping but I really enjoyed this post! I am the opposite of you, I usually love grocery shopping. Sometimes I hate that I have to frequent three different stores to get exactly what I want but generally i love the experience. Today I was kind of dreading the whole ordeal because I have been lacking culinary motivation. However! I think I will head to the grocery store today and maybe think of ways to make it easier for you! I'll put together a post or something, how does that sound???

I have to tell you... I REALLY enjoy your blog. (Im still thinking of those butterfly cards! Im so lucky to have a reader who is as kind and interesting as you are as well!


hope in high heels said...

Loathe... most definitely.

Typically I get in and out as quickly as I can and sing the whole way around to a soundtrack that typically reminds me of my high school years. Then I catch up on gossip mags while waiting for the cashier!

design elements said...

i enjoyed this post. the images too

happy new week

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I try to go during the week and in the early morning hours (yes, when the senior citizens go LOL). The weekend is too hectic crazy. I don't like being around big groups of people. I understand how you feel. LOL