Thursday, July 21, 2011

the sound of summer

what could be more summery
than the sound of the
ice cream truck
i remember being a kid
and hearing the music
and hoping my mom and dad would say yes

it was a rare treat and so exciting!

we had to say yes
*It was so worth it!*


Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

I always say yes to my kids, have to! Their sweet little faces get me every time. Except for one time when we were on the highway going 70, and an ice cream truck was driving along side. I had to say no that time! My daughter cried and couldn't understand!

Erin Tagle said...

Cute post!

My parents always said no. There was ice cream in the freezer. Bah. It just tastes so much better when it's individually wrapped and coming from a dude in a truck. :)

I can't wait for the days when my lil' Eva is begging for it, and I'll say yes for sure.

PS - your daughter has some awesome hair. I want that color! :)

xo Erin

Nelah said...

Hi SVT: your girls are beautiful, I will need your advice on raising a girl because you have 3 :) They seemed to really enjoy cold treats a lot. I haven't really wandered into the world of mama blogs after one year of blogging until recently and I am excited to get to know new mama like you.

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a kind comment. It delights me everytime when I hear someone likes my post/blog :) Have a great week.

July said...

How could you say no!? Those are the little things that kids remember (just like you did), and make all the difference!!

SVT said...

That is so hilarious Stacy! I'd have to say no to a stop while in the middle of the highway as well! : ) And your daughter crying, priceless! It's hard when they don't understand why Mommy said no to flagging down ice cream in the middle of the highway! : )

SVT said...

Erin, my parents rarely said yes either. That's why it was so special when they DID say yes, I think! We hear that darn truck every night almost! We can't say yes every time either. (although I could handle a creamsicle every night...)!

SVT said...

Thanks, Nelah! Raising girls is so much fun! I kind of freak out thinking about the teen years though. haha...right now they love their mommy, it'll be hard when they decide I'm not cool enough to hang out with. My poor hubby, he'll have to hibernate in his man cave (garage)!

SVT said...

July, we have to say no more than yes unfortunately but that day was super hot here! We haven't had many of those days so it was such a nice TREAT!