Saturday, July 9, 2011

Royal Visit and Pancakes

So we here in Canada have had a thrilling few days with the visit of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or as I like to call them, Will and Kate. Because,'s just quicker to say and easier to type. ; ) I think they'd be fine with that.

They even visited the very city that I LIVE in! I, like many people around the world, have fallen for their charming ways and was thrilled that I caught a glimpse of them. Well, her.

And here it is....

Yep, it was quick. But so thrilling!
My sister and her 2 kids and myself and my 3 kids, got up at 4am. That's right peeps, 4am! We already had plans to attend the parade but when we found out Will and Kate would be there as well, we figured we needed to leave extra early to beat the crowds. Downtown at 5:30 am and ALREADY so busy! It was worth it though.

My 5 year old said to me 'Mommy, Kate smiled and waved at me!' Who am I to tell her otherwise?! : )

I watched a lot of the coverage of
their visit, she sure has style. And Will is pretty cute too.

My favourite outfits were her gorgeous Canada Day dress, also worn in her engagement photo and the purple dress she wore Canada Day evening. LOVE!
The Maple Leaf brooch borrowed from the Queen is stunning.

So now they have left Canada and we are left with our annual Stampede and free pancake breakfasts of which I will be partaking. A few anyway. That means lots and lots of pancakes!
For those of you unfamiliar with the Stampede, you can eat free breakfasts around the city every day of the 10 day Stampede! As well as head down to the Stampede grounds for loads of fun. After 10 days, I'll be done with pancakes until at least Christmas. : )

Happy Stampede!

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Erin Tagle said...

Oh I love Kate. She is the new Jackie O, UK version ... Can she pull off anything, or what?! :)