Friday, July 22, 2011

it's a good day to shop

so i am not working right now.
i was laid off from my job at the end of May.
it was a welcome lay-off, I probably could have stayed there
in a different department.
but instead i took a package
and decided to
spend the summer with my
sweet peas.

*it's been amazing*
like seriously, i LOVE being at home with them.
there are the odd days where yes, mommy needs a break.
but honestly that hasn't happened often.
it's been a perfect summer so far.

the only thing I really miss about not having a
steady paycheque is
oh yes how i miss thee.
no really, I do.
i had to stop by a mall yesterday to buy a couple of
birthday presents.
i couldn't resist stopping into
a store for moi.

it's ok, i got good deals. : )

i bought this new top
*new top: forever 21, jeans: my own, citizens of humanity, shoes: my own from aldo, watch: my own from fossil, necklace: forever21*

and I bought this super cute skirt
i love the color!
*top: my own from costa blanca, new skirt: forever 21, new necklace: forever 21, watch: fossil, shoes: my own*

i love stripes so this top was perfect
*top: forever 21, belt: forever 21, leggings: my own, shoes: my own, hat: avon*

new belts, dirt cheap!

this is how I usually look
*top: forever 21, belt: forever 21, jeans: my own, citizens of humanity,watch: my own from Fossil, flip flops: my own very old, from walmart!*

my daughters took all of the above pics!
one of them (z) wanted in on the photo action
so here she is. ♥

*top: old navy, leggings: her own, shoes: payless, belt: her own, hat: justin bieber from claires*

I also have a super great hubby who encouraged me to
take some time off and enjoy
the summer with my girls.
i truly am lucky.


Nelah said...

I love all your purchases, the tops and the belts. I adore you in your first outfit, so feminine and lovely. Great deals always make any purchases extra special.

You seriously get me thinking about having more children, especially girl. They seem so fun and sweet. There are definitely a lots more things in life that money can't buy.

SVT said...

Thanks, Nelah! I love getting new things. I'm bad for buying tonnes of tops and forgetting about the bottoms! So I was happy about the skirt too.

I have a lot of fun with my girls. It was hard work while they were babies and toddlers (although also so fun and special) but now they are at such fun ages where we can do things together. It's great! Thanks for the comment, I get so excited when lovely bloggers visit and leave a message! Have a great weekend!


Alisha said...

Love all the tops you picked up at Forever21. LOVE that store :) Your little girl is darling!

Sheri said...

Thanks Alisha, for the lovely comment! Going to check out your blog now!