Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cut a rug, baby

Hello, my sweet pickles!
*I always say sweet peas, I just wanted to change it up today!*
Thank you for the lovely comments
you left on my blog yesterday.
And everyday!
Your comments always make my day extra special.

Do you guys watch Dancing with the Stars?
I do, it's one of my escape shows.
I would totally be on that show if I could.
: )
Julianne Hough (star of Footloose and Ryan Seacrest's honey)
 was back last night and did a monster of a number
to the Footloose theme.
I loved it.
Maybe you'd care to watch.
If not, that's ok too.
I absolutely adore her!
In my dreams, I can dance like this.
I may have been known to try, in the midst of vacuuming my living room and such.
; )


Bravoe Runway said...

I am shocked that Canada doesn't have a target just yet! That is crazy..but truth be told, I rarely go there. I have to walk to the train and wait for it to take me there. It's just a fun place to go because they have everything and the cool designer collaborations I think make it a great place to go!

loulou said...

Hi Miss Sweet Pea in a Pie (there's a new one for you!)

I obviously don't get your US version here and we will be gearing up toward christmas I think for our next series of the DWTS.

I love it and try to watch as often as possible too.

gosh you and I need to meet - we could dance our feet off :)

PS didn't get a chance yesterday to comment of your post - but can I add an idea for self examination of breasts.
It was told to me so you'll never forget what date each month to examine yourself is to choose your birthdate number.
So mine is 9 and on each month of the 9th I self examine.
I mammogram and ultrasound once a year as well.

take care lovely lady

x Loulou

SassyUptownChic said...

That song automatically makes you wanna dance!!! SO FUN! Thanks for sharing Sheri, because I missed it. I'm always dancing while cleaning. It helps the chores go faster! HAHAHA

Mimi said...

i watch dancing with the stars on and off, but i have seen a couple of the recent ones. thanks for sharing this video! i missed this episode. julianne hough is so talented! :)

<3, Mimi
Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

Dale said...

You have such a cute blog, I just found it and I always watch dancing with the stars. hehe I can't tell who my favorite is this season but I've been rooting for JR and Ricki for sure. It was really cool to see Juliane back on it. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be on it, you can always dream :) Following you now