Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accessory to pink

Hello my little style divas!
Here is my PINK
style post for the week in honour of
Breast Cancer Awareness month.
One of my most amazingly wonderful blogger friends,
had a great suggestion for remembering to check 'the girls' each month.
She checks them each month on the date of her birthday.
For example, I was born on the 19th, so every month, I'll check 'the girls'
on the 19th.
What a great way to remember.
Thanks, Loulou!

This week I decided to accessorize with pink.

I have a pink belt that I love so I put it with this black knit shirt of mine.
I like this shirt for fall, it's not too heavy
and it has cute detail on the sleeves as you can see a bit better below.

I also put the outfit with these pink heels I have.
I think they are sweet.

Wow, I really wasn't trying to stick my chest out in that pic...hahah
but I guess this post IS all about the GIRLS!

I hope you all are having a great Tuesday!
Do you have any tips for remembering to do a breast self exam each month?
I admit I do forget so I'm going to try the birth date trick.
; )
Take care of yourselves, lovelies.

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Catherine said...

I love this belt! Where oh where did you find it?

When I was sixteen, I was in my shower and noticed a breast exam card (in the shower) so curious, I started 'feeling myself up' and low and behold I found a lump. After my surgery I must have regular mammogram's every three months. I am now 28 and an avid lump checker. I reccommend the shower card, it saved my life!

Mimi said...

That is a great idea to check the girls out on the date of your birthday, Thank you, I will do this. Oh I am born on the 19th too! I wonder what month you are born in. Mimi xx

Stephanie said...

YOU LOOK SO CUTE! Love that belt and those heels... and they're the perfect pizzazz to a classic outfit!

Great idea for checking the girls too! I'm going to have to remember that! XOXO

Bravoe Runway said...

The birthday trick is awesome..I'll definitely remember to do that. Sheri how is it possible you have 3 kids? You are in fabulous shape!!! So glad you linked up on Monday Mingle and I am glad to see your blog members are growing :)

Kellie @ Sasse Avenue said...

Hi Sheri,

You are looking spunky, as usual and I particulary love the pink burst of colour in this outfit.

I'll try the birth date trick too.

Kel x

SassyUptownChic said...

Sheri, you are oozing sweetness girl! LOVE the entire outfit. AND what a great sleeve on that top! :D Thanks for promoting breast cancer awareness! :D

loulou said...


how do you stay sooooooooo gorgeous.
No wonder your husband loves you so much.
thank you for the help with the 'girl checking' :)

love the surroundings too - I think you need to be on DWTS!! Serious.

talk soon

x loulou

Kathryn said...

Hi Sheri, I'm just popping over from LouLou's blog to say hello!
I'm a big fan of pink, in any shade, for any reason - especially a good one like this!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Love the pink and the reminder. I'm good about my mammograms but not the monthly! Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle.

my soul is the sky said...

what a great outfit :) i am loving the punch of neon.

Kristin said...

What a fun belt and a great reminder to check the girls! : )

Dr. Reginia said...

This is such a sultry look. I love the pops of pink.

Jill said...

LOVE the pink!