Tuesday, September 20, 2011

West Coast trip

*Hello, sweet peas!*
I am back.
And it was wonderful.

We went kayaking...yep that's us!

Walked in the forest...this is my friend...

View from our B&B

The B&B...

Me in the forest...

My girl and her pups...

Her town is adorable, remote, beautiful.
They live south of town on a gorgeous property where she can keep her horse.
I hope she doesn't mind that I'm posting pics of her but this one is awesome.

It is so incredibly peaceful there and the air is fresh and rejuenating.
I could stare at the ocean for hours.

We shopped in town at the cute shops, went spa-ing (so lovely!),
went to see the salmon starting to spawn (amazing!),
did some beachcombing (brought lots of shells home)
danced liked crazy to a live band one night (sooo FUN!),
had a fire on the beach one night (she can start a fire like any pro, damp wood and all)
and generally relaxed and gabbed.
And gabbed some more.
I loved it.
Thank you for a wonderful time, my lovely friend.

Oh and everything went perfectly smooth with the flights.

I can't wait to take my family back someday.


Stephanie said...

Those pics are stunning! Looks wonderful!!

Siddy Says said...

Heya Sheri!!

Glad to see youre having a swell time!! Love Love Love the pictures!! Seems like the time slows down where you are... take it all in and enjoy!!

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loulou said...

Hi sherri

It sounded delightful - it was delightful!

You both share a wonderful bond and something that couldn't be broken easily.

I loved your little fill in of what you did - It sounded so much fun I wish I was with you two

have a wonderful day and I bet your family hasn't stopped hugging you



loulou said...


Style Journey said...

What wonderful photos! It looks like you have a wonderful time. It all looks so serene :)

Bravoe Runway said...

YAY you are back! So glad to read your post Sheri and that you thoroughly enjoyed your trip! I am sure you were excited to see those 3 cute little faces :)

DoublClik said...

Hey Sheri! It's Andrea from DoublClik! You're the giveaway winner! I can't wait to redo a portrait of your choice to make you feel fabulous. I'm sure Piril has already sent you my email address. Make sure it's a pretty big size file, and that you're the only one in it, all eyes on you girl!

A special blog post is coming your way with the before and after!