Tuesday, September 13, 2011

city to city

Anyone visiting San Diego soon?
Wish I was.
I'd LOVE to cozy up in this rental property.
It was featured on HGTV, on a show I was watching called 
House Hunters on Vacation.
Alrighty, sign me up!

Gorgeous, yes?
This rental may be a weeee bit out of our price range but it's fun to look, don't ya think?

My hubby and I try to go on little getaways now and then
(yay for Grandparents who babysit)
and we have a list of cities we'd like to visit.
San Diego and San Francisco are near the top of our lists.

So far we have visited Las Vegas (this year was the first time I'd ever been!)
and Boston 2 years ago.
My hubby is a HUUUUGE Red Sox fan.
I decided there had been enough talk and it was time he got to see a Red Sox game
at Fenway Park.
I organized it and we went.

I think I was more excited than he was,
just getting to see him walk into Fenway Park was like a dream.
 We saw 2 ball games there!

It was cold, I had about 4 layers on here!

Us and the Green Monster

Red Sox dugout

Wonder where we'll go to next?!
Where do you like to go for quick getaways?


Stephanie said...

I need to be in that San Diego rental... like ASAP!

Siddy said...

Hiya Sheri!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today. As for the post, OH MY GOD!! That house makes me drool all over, my personal style is a bit more rustic but I just LOVVVVEEEE how its a house for the Sunlight!! So stylish yet Warm and Gorgeous!


Bravoe Runway said...

I am a huge fan of Vegas for a quick vacation! Now...I would not mind a 5 day stay in that stunning San Diego property! Ahhh the life of the rich and famous!

loulou said...

Hello Miss Sherri

sorry I've been a few days since commenting - but hey - life just scoots a bit too quick sometimes and too many things in it.

I adore the photos of you two lovebirds together - you truly look gorgeous and so in love. I think that is sooooo wonderful x

I can imagine the look on your husbands face as he walked into the stadium! It would have been a hugely overwhelming experience.

take care lovely friend