Monday, September 12, 2011

fabuloso - is that a word?

It's Monday, sweet peas!
Like you didn't know. : )
Mondays are bittersweet, aren't they?
Or just bitter.
Mondays are back to routine, back to real life while the
relaxation of the weekend fades to all but a blur.
It's especially hard to face Monday after
having a most fabulous weekend.
Which we did.

Friday we went to a place that we have here
where there is horse jumping and it's absolutely beautiful there.
We saw the jumping and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
musical ride.
Then they had the most AMAZING fireworks display set to
the music of The Pirates of the Caribbean.
It was fantastic!
The girls thought it was so much fun to stay up past dark and we all
enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Keeping busy between jumps

Pony rides for the kids

RCMP musical ride, makes me proud to be Canadian!

Then Saturday we enjoyed a picnic in the foothills of the mountains
with my family to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday.
It was warm and sunny and fantastic.
My aunts and uncle were there, my cousin and his family, my sis and her family 
and my parents.
And this was no ordinary picnic people, it's gourmet aaaaaalllll
the way.
That's how we roll, yo.

We hit a minor snag on our way out to the picnic site we all said we'd meet at.
On the drive out early to save a spot for the picnic,
hubs and I spotted a sign that said,
'Closed due to bear activity'.
Now what?! 
We had to quickly find a spot somewhere else, these spots fill up fast on a gorgeous day like this!
So we stopped at another popular area, found an AMAZING spot that turned out 
better than our original plan.
Crisis averted.

We enjoyed an afternoon in the warm sunshine next to the water
and ate til we were stuffed.
Then ate some more.
What a wonderful day.

Makes Monday harder to say hello to.
: )

Countdown to trip:
T minus 3 days.
I had my first dream about it the other night.

⎨I always have weird dreams when I am stressed⎬

I dreamed my friend showed up in my city because her
hubby thought she should come here instead.
Don't even know what that means but I was bummed.
So in my own warped way, I guess that means I'm excited to go.
Which I am.
: D

Happy, happy Monday to you my sweet peas!
Make it a great one!


Emma said...

Cute photos, looks like you all had fun!!!

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xo Emma

Bravoe Runway said...

Happy Monday Sheri! The kids looked like they enjoyed themselves thoroughly and a gourmet picnic?? That is def a way to roll! I am so excited for your upcoming trip!!! And one day, you will get to go to FNO :)

Nelah said...

Your day sounded so much fun. I would love so much to spend more time outdoor doing fun stuff like this. The photo of a lake and mountain is simply gorgeous.