Thursday, September 1, 2011

kids rooms

My girls caught me browsing pinterest one day,
I started showing them a few pics.
*bad idea*
They were addicted right away
but only to the kid related stuff.
They loved the kids rooms that I was browsing.
It turned out to be so much fun sharing ideas and getting 
excited about redecorating their rooms.

I won't be redecorating them for a while but I do want to at least give them 
a fresh coat of paint.
The twins share a room and with each year that passes, 
they want more and more privacy
and space to themselves.
So that'll be the challenge,
figuring out ways to give them privacy 
within the same room.
I always get overwhelmed with decorating.
There are so many things I love,
I can never make a decision.

But it's so FUN to browse!

Source: via Sheri on Pinterest
Source: via Sheri on Pinterest

The girls liked the last one, I love it too.
Eventually I think the bunks with the desks underneath would be 
a great space saver.

Which one do you prefer?


loulou said...

Hi Sherri

I love the first one - I don't love the colour palette but I love the concept - can you imagine being a child again and crawling up those stairs of the ladder.
Can you imagine having your own place to be - like a cubby house within a house.

I love the concept of bunk beds but then I get my practical hat on and say oh blow! They would be too hard to continually make and change sheets etc.

gorgeous post lovely lady - enjoy a great day in your new season fall...



Stesha said...

OMGOOOOSHHHH if i was a little girl i would want all those rooms. especially the top one :)

Sherree said...

The rooms make me wish my girls were small again (35 yrs to 15 yrs). i always loved decorating the rooms. My best one was when I painted a room to look like a log cabin amd she only left it for 2 years. Oh, well, it was fun.

I can relate with you on your girls getting hooked. A few years back, I was on ebay and my granddaughter got hooked. Her parents just loved me for it. At least, I never showed her how to buy!!!!