Wednesday, August 3, 2011

where the wild things are

hey ya'll, i've been mia for a couple days, we were camping in the mountains.
it was wonderful, relaxing, beautiful, warm.
i must admit though, i am not used to camping in the mountains, even though i've lived an hour from them all my life.
i always try to pick campgrounds that AREN'T in the mountains
because i'm just slightly (a lot) afraid of
plus, it gets waaaaay cold at night.
we went a month ago and i froze.
this time i was prepared with lots of layers and warm hats.
and hubby brought a heater.
thanks honey.

now if i can just get used to living amongst the bears.
but isn't the view worth it?


loulou said...

Hi Sheri

Good grief - don't we have opposite spectrums to deal with because of geography.

I haven't been camping for the longest of time (and I mean that), but I hate the thought of snakes and spiders!

I am glad to hear you had a ball the view is truly breathtaking and such a healthy time for children

lovely photos thanks


Nelah said...

The scenery is breathtaking. Hope you and your girls had a blast.