Friday, August 12, 2011

making memories

Vacay is almost over
AND I have internet access for who knows how long so I thought I'd sneak in a
quick post.
You know I can't tear myself away from you guys for TOO long!
I can't wait to catch up with all of you!

I'm posting some family pics, I hope it's not like watching people's home movies and I leave you bored. But I had to share just a few.

We have been going to the same place for three summers in a row now.
My parents used to bring my sister and I here as well when we were kids. I have so many great memories here.
We just love being by the water,
the hot days,
the warm evenings.

We stay in a motel that has an indoor and an outdoor pool, a little playground
and outdoor movie nights.
It's so pretty, I wish you could all be here too.

We have been playing on the beach and going out for yummy dinners.
Touring the beautiful countryside full of vineyards and orchards.
It's always sad when it's time to leave.
But we'll always have the wonderful family memories to take home with us.
Back to reality soon!

Is there a place you have great memories of as a kid? Do you still go there?
Talk soon, my sweet peas!


loulou said...

Hello Lounging leisure lady

I do have two special childhood places that we used to go regularly

They were at the beach (I could easily move there now if the opportunity arose)

I remember the home cooked chickens, the fresh bread and butter (not margarine) and the home cooked cakes all from my grandmother.
They would pack the picnic basket (the oldest vintage cane suitcase looking basket).
Take the thermos as well for cups of tea.

we would head to the picnic shelters and have us the best lunches. I would give my right arm to have them now again and the family here too.
The other we did almost the same - though lunch would come after a morning or fishing!

have a gorgeous time remaining



Anna S said...

Great pictures :)