Thursday, August 4, 2011


i did it, i joined Pinterest.
why didn't anyone tell me i'd be so addicted?
i cannot tear my eyes away from the screen!
ok, i did read on a couple of my fave blogs how addictive it is.
i have a gazillion (approximately) photos saved on my computer,
so this is a nice way to put them all together in one place.
ohhhh the inspiration!

Source: None via Sheri on Pinterest

join me?
You can follow me on pinterest right HERE!

are you on pinterest?
i wanna follow you too. ♥

my sister-in-law is trying to get me to join twitter.
one thing at a time, i'm so behind the blogging times!


loulou said...

Hello Sheri

I love love love pinterest - though I haven't joined it yet - just a viewer and a drooler for now.

You MUST join twitter - it is a micro blogging tool - you need to girlfriend!

love the photos aren't they amazing

have a lovley day



B.Inspired said...

I've not yet joined pinterest and polyvore.... I am really scared that I am officially going to be glued to my laptop 24 hours a day.... When I joined twitter I didn't get the rage but So take it 1 at a time...

July said...

Oh gosh! Pinterest is one of the most addicting websites I've ever been on!!! I seriously spend HOURS on it, and get lost into the millions of pictures - it's awesome!!!

And get on Twitter! it's a lot of fun!

Bay Park Dream said...

Ah I'm so addicted to pinterest, it's a problem ;)
Your blog is really cute :) Follow each other?


Ashleigh Nicole said...

'You Are My Happy' - I LOVE that!!

xo Ashleigh

Stephanie said...

Pinterest is so addicting, isn't it?? I love it!

PS - Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Friday! I'm glad you enjoy Big Mario Life :)