Friday, August 19, 2011

fill in the blank friday

Happy Friday, sweet peas!
This week has been interesting.
I'm happy the weekend is here.
It's supposed to be hot here for the next little while,
which I know a lot of you are tired of.
But we haven't had that many really hot days.
It's hard to believe there are only a couple of weeks left in August.

It's Fill in the Blank Friday,
linking up with Lauren,
go check her out!

1. My idea of pure perfection would be a beach house on the water with my family.

2. Love makes the world go 'round.

3. If it weren't for having to work I'd travel and live somewhere hot 6 months of the year.

4. Bloggers are an incredibly supportive and caring community of people!

5. If I had millions of dollars I'd buy you a car, and YOU get a car and YOU get a car...!

6. I'm glad it's Friday because my hubby can spend the weekend with us, no work!

7. Something I'm excited about is relaxing on one more camping trip this summer!

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet peas!


Camylla Leonardi said...

Great answers!! I love that the hubby and I get to spend the weekends together too!

Happy friday girly! <3

loulou said...

Hello Lovely

what great answers!

I love these types of questions - I constantly ask myself all sorts of questions from those motivational books.

have a great weekend together with your lovely family and thank you so much you wonderful blog friend for becoming part of my blog family.


Luisa Rodríguez said...

Bloggers really are supportive and caring, aren't they?? I had no idea I would make so many friends in Blogland!