Wednesday, August 24, 2011

vintage swim caps

I can't believe I'm about to admit it but I was watching 
Bachelor Pad 2 on Monday night...
I know, I know...
*insert groans here*

hahah but c'mon, I know some of you are watching it too!

Anyway, I really loved the vintage swim caps the girls wore in that episode!
The colours are what I really loved about them.
How cute!
I got a flower theme going on this week, don't I?

Here are some more cute caps!

Source: via Sheri on Pinterest

How adorable is this one for a little girl! 

Shop here if you want one!

No swim cap in this one but I loved the suit.

Perfect for hiding all the wobbly bits, to quote Bridget Jones. : )
After having twins and then a third kid,
the more coverage the better.
Hmmm....did I share too much there?

Have a swimmingly wonderful day!


July said...

I watch Bachelor Pad 2 - and I have no shame at all!!! I can't help myself haha! The bachelor/bachelorette franchise might be my ultimate guilty pleasure when it comes to reality TV.

I love the swimming caps too! Even though there is no way I could pull it off - no way!

Hope you are having a great week!

Camylla Leonardi said...

Those swim caps are very cute but i would probably never ever wear them! hehehe

loulou said...

Hi Sherri

I love love love them!

I grew up with my grandmother, all my aunties and my mum wearing one. I even had a little girl one too (never to miss out).

I happened to purchase a new swimsuit today for our pool - I didn't try it on and think I will do a Bridget Jones trying to cover myself up in every way possible.
Not in a happy place with current shape of mine :)

take care and I love the photos so much.
Whilst my wardrobe isn't really vintage nor my house design - I am constantly drawn to anything vintage retro trendy in designs across the board


Stesha said...

AHHH I love them!!! These are adorable :)
first time to your blog. Very cute :)

If you are interested in a great giveaway I have one going on over at

Classic & Bubbly


April Lara said...

Those are really cute swim caps! Swim caps are very important and every one who's taking a dip in the pool should have this on to protect their hair!

Anonymous said...

Those swim caps were purchased at I know because I work there. :-)

Sheri said...

Cool, anonymous! The name of the website is underneath one of my pics but I'll add it to my post as well!