Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a family that paints together...

So in all my pinning frenzy on Pinterest this past weekend,
I am finding all sorts of absolutely beautiful pics that I just can't stop staring at.
I tweeted (look at me go!) that I would LOVE my hubby to paint this one for me.

He is very creative, very good at drawing and really, he is good at anything he tries.
For SURE one of those jack of all trades guys AND master of everything.
If he doesn't know how to do something he gets a book from the library and figures it out.
Or he goes on youtube and learns.
Our girls wanted balloon animals at their birthday party one year, so hubby went on youtube and learned how to make a bunch of different animals and flowers. It was SO COOL!

He's amazing that way.
And he knows this stuff within minutes.

So a while back, I asked him to paint me something for our home.
He knows I love the scenic beauty of Tuscany as well as the French Countryside.
I love lavender fields so he painted me my very own.

He was of course, critical of it and didn't like the way the house turned out etc. etc.. But I don't care about that. I love it.
(He'll probably be mortified that I'm sharing this and he'll be reading this....hi honey!)

A few years ago, on New Year's Eve Day, I wanted to do a family art project. I thought it would be cool to get a giant canvas and each take turns painting abstractedly! *Is that a word??*

So hubby gave the canvas a blue wash and then Z started painting. She wanted to use her hands and chose red! Totally fits her personality!
Then J got in there with her brush and chose green.
M did yellow and had to have a lift from Daddy to reach the top of the canvas!
I am NO artist (understatement) so I clumsily added some purple.
Hubby finished it off with some accents of white and....
Ta daaaaa! Art.

And it's still hanging in our home, 4 years later.

So whatya say honey, will you paint me another?
Pretty pleaaaase?

*Have you ever crafted or done art as a family?*

**Thanks to one of my lovely followers, Loulou who replied to my tweet and gave me the idea for this post!**


Franka said...

Love your family painting!!!

What a nice family!

I never painted with my children such an image.
xo Franka

B.Inspired said...

That painting is beautiful, and it seriously looks like something I could buy at Z Gallerie! Your 3 kids are SOOOOO cute!!! I've never been an arts and crafts person, does styling clothes count?

loulou said...

Miss Sherri

No, *insert down mouth :(
I have't thought of doing such a WONDERFUL (*insert loud voice) family art project.

I love the idea - I need to do that.
My father is quite the painter and artist - so other than my rainbows or stick figures with the children he has done the painting with them.

I would love a canvas with "us" all on it - what a fabulous idea.

I adore that photo of the little cottage (somewhere) - we'd like to think it is in a romantic french village somewhere wouldn't we.

Your hubby could be placed on hiring terms I am sure - a few paypal invoices and you have got yourself a cracking business :)
What a handy man!

thank you for the mention of me in your post - you are a wonderful lady, mother & human.



Camylla Leonardi said...

Aww thats such a fun idea! Did you hear about that 4 year old girl who makes crazy paintings and sells it for thousands?? Well that looks pretty good! heheh

Lots of Love,

Kristie Price said...

This is so awesome! I love the idea and it makes the artwork extra extra special for everyone. What a wonderful treasure to have in your home. Plus, your little ones get some serious bragging rights :)