Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 review

Here we are, the last day of 2011.
I can't say I'm sad to see this year go,
although looking back,
there were a lot of wonderful moments mixed in with the
tougher ones.

I super dooper love how Erin over at
did her year end review.
So I'm sorta blatantly
mimicking her style.
Hope she believes that 
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
Ok, here we go chickees.
It's a long one.
You might wanna grab a snack.

This is the month of my youngest daughter's birth. : )
Kinda nice to have something happy in January since 
it's kind of a blah month, typically.
So we celebrated by glow-in-the-dark bowling with family!

*birthday girl bowling*

*hubs and my mom bowling*

*cake made by Daddy at M's request!*

*see? Proof that he made it!*

*and we made cupcakes for her class at preschool*

So this happens to be the birthday month of my older girls,
the twins!
More partying was on the menu for this month.
Their party was held at our local 
Chuck E Cheese.
It's like Vegas for kids.

*my twins as babies*

Also in February, hubs and I went to the real
It was my first time there, it was crazy,
super, fantastic, tiring, wild, FUN!

*my first drink in Vegas, note to self: don't start drinking so early
in the morning, even if it IS Vegas*

*drinks and dinner at Lavo, so fun! Hubs 
wouldn't leave me alone until I struck a pose*

*getting our tickets to see LOVE*

*me Seredipity*

*hubs and I having...ahem...drinks...*

Well, by March I am usually going insane
wishing for spring to come.
I always have too many whiny blog posts about 
wishing spring would just get its butt here, already.

So we made a yummy dinner...

And I bought some flowers...

We also went sledding!

Moving on...

Easter month!
As you can see we still had snow for part of April...

*here I am sitting out front while my kids ride their bikes.  I know, weird weather*

But I did get all springy inside, decorating for Easter and making
spring bouquets.  I love to flower arrange.

We had an amazing Easter dinner at my parents house...

Still waiting for spring...

Spring is starting to sprung!....?
We went on a long weekend getaway with my in-laws,
we try to do it once or twice a year.
So nice and relaxing...

*my brave hubby wrestling the fierce gator*

We got to start gardening!

I got spoiled on Mother's Day...yummmmm...

Aaaand....I lost my job.
We knew it was coming, I was done at the end of May.
I was totally ok with it, I was ready for a change.
I got to have the whole summer (and fall apparently)
with my girls!
And we thoroughly enjoyed....

My daughter, a horse lover, and I went to see 

And went on our first camping trip of the year when school was out!

It was a chilly one in the mountains!
But so much fun.

Summer has finally arrived!

*me and my mom at a local amusement park*

My sis and I woke up at 4:00am to take the kids to our
big Parade here in our city.
The parade starts at 9:00.
Thanks to William and Kate visiting our city,
we had to get downtown EAARRRLY!

Annual festival in our city!

LOTS of fun in our backyard...ahhh the sunshine...

More camping!  More sunshine and fun.

Watched my sister compete her first triathlon

Summer holidays!

Enjoyed beautiful sunsets

The girls went back to school. : (
Activities started, swimming, dance.
We did still find time for fun, extending the summer!

My Dad's 70th Bday!

My big trip to the coast to see my best friend!

Seeing Keith Urban with my sis...always a good thing. : )

Fall is coming...I love the leaves changing, the beautiful colours

Thanksgiving...the last holiday we would have with my


And hubby's birthday...

This month was kind of low key.
My Grandma was sick.
My parents were driving hours back and forth
to be with her.
It was a sad month.

But we did have a wonderful dinner with good friends...

The girls and I did lots of artwork!

And I cried a lot this month.

Said goodbye to my Grandma, 2 weeks before Christmas.
I miss you, Grandma.
I am so thankful I had you in my life for so long.
I hope you and Grandpa are dancing, laughing and reminiscing.

This month was also my birthday and of course Christmas.
Both of which were wonderful thanks to my
amazing family.

*my mom's christmas dinner table*

*Hubs and I at our family skating/sledding day!*

And here we are, December 31, 2011.
Wow, if you made it this far with me, congrats.
It was a long one. : )

It's been a great year of lots of ups and lots of downs.
I am always excited at the start of a new year.
It feels full of hope and possibility.
I have the best husband, kids, sister, parents, in-laws and
friends in the entire world.
So darn lucky.

I wish for you, happiness, health, love and adventures
for 2012!!
Thank you for coming along on this journey with me, Sweet Peas!
I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing what 2012 brings
for you.


lou lou said...

Umm you leave me speechless and almost without words (impossible for me :)

I repeat what I said yesterday to you xxxx

Amazing post and I'm so (unbelievably) sorry I missed your birthday - December was a blur with dad in hospital and I am so dreadfully sorry x

Loulou. (here's to many more years friend)

Bravoe Runway said...

WOW Sheri! What a year!! It certainly was mixed with highs and lows and I am really sorry that you lost your grandma earlier this month. I am glad that you still had one last Thanksgiving to spend with her. Enjoy the upcoming year and may it be better. Thank you for sharing your year with us! Oh...and your Vegas trip looked like fun!

Eliza Jane said...

What a great post to commemorate the past year! It looks like it was a good one. Hope 2012 is good for you, too!

Franka said...

What a colorful year with sad moments!!!

Now I wisch you and your wonderful family a
Happy New Year 2o12!

♥ Franka

Carol said...

Sheri...You have SO many blessings, and had an amazing 2011! I can't imagine what magical things are awaiting you in 2012! May they all be happy ones!!



ps....I'm sorry to read about your dear grandmother...but I guess God needed another angel in heaven~xo

hope in high heels said...

What an amazing year - looks like it was full of fun, lots of love and plenty of laughter! Am sorry to hear about your grandma. It was lovely that you were able to share one last holiday together. All the best for 2012 - I hope it's a continuation of all the good things!

Jamie said...

Happy new year. I hope 2012 is as good for you as 2011 was.

navy and orange said...

looks like an amazing year!

xoxo navy & orange

Alkemie said...


You and your family are so gorgeous! I really enjoyed looking at all the photos (love how saturated the colors are in them.) Funny thing is that I just lost my job (last day is end of January), but things are okay as I also feel that I'm ready to move on. Looks like you had an amazing year, now for the next - even more amazing year.

Karen O.