Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 goals

So usually on New Year's day, I cozy up with a blanket,
a pillow and my journal,
and write out my goals for the upcoming year.
I also review the goals I set last year,
to see how I did.
 I actually review them throughout the year,
to make sure I am on track.

I like having goals for myself,
because it's so easy to
get caught up in the day-to-day 
craziness of life,
it sometimes feels like we are spinning our wheels,
Just going through the motions, trying to 
get through the chores, 
the never-ending lists of things to do.

So.....I said usually I do my goals on Jan. 1st.
But yesterday my hubby ended up at Urgent Care.
So that was fun!
He's ok but it took hours.
He had to miss going to a production of
Beauty and the Beast with
me and the girls.
So my Mom came with us which was so lovely
and everything worked out fine.

But it was a crazy day.
So I am going to work on my goals today.
I have never blogged my goals before.
I'll just share a few.

1)  Be kind to my hubby - I always put this one on my goal list to remind myself not to take him for granted.  Sometimes we treat those closest to us, the worst.  We take our day-to-day frustrations out on them.  So I try to remember that he loves me and supports me everyday and deserves to be treated wonderfully.
2)  Have more patience with my kids - this one is similar to the #1.  I absolutely hate yelling at my kids
and I'm sure they don't enjoy it either!  I try to remember that they need my attention so instead of saying,  'later, I'm busy!' I try to at least show them that I am listening, even if it's in the midst of trying to prepare dinner.  They have fragile egos and I don't want to be the one to hurt them when I am the one that should be building them up to be happy, healthy wonderful girls.

3)  Get a job - I have been off work since May.  It's time.  I need to make this a priority.  Ick.

4)  Take a photography course - this has been on my goal list for a few years now.  Maybe this year, it'll happen.  But I doubt it.
5)  Work on nurturning my creative side - in the past few months, I have been doing lots of arts and crafting.  I have never been any good at creative stuff (meaning...really bad)  (except I have always enjoying writing).  So it has been so FUN trying new things, making jewelry, painting with my kids.  And I cannot believe how much peace it brings me.  I absolutely love it.

6)  Try to see the positive in everything - this is an ongoing goal for me.  I want to be a positive energy in the world and for my family, although THEY are the ones that inspire me to be positive and love this life we are living together.

These are fairly general and I do have more specific ones (like maybe a trip this year...!)
For now, these will keep me busy!
Shine on, sweet peas.


Kim (SassyUptownChic) said...

Hey Sheri! You are such a sweetheart girl. Thanks for your very kind comment. I love your goals. I try to do little ones throughout the year. You'll accomplish all of them. I just posted a giveaway, so if you want to enter, just drop a note. Luv you girl!!! :D

miss b said...

These are really sweet goals - you're very organised!

Emily said...

These are all great goals! Taking a photography class is on my list too. Cheers to 2012!

Breanna said...

Good luck with keeping your goals for the year :) I have a few of my own that hopefully will get accomplished!
Breanna xx

Alkemie said...

Hi Sheri,

I really enjoyed reading about your goals for the year. We definitely have some similar goals - especially taking time for loved ones, doing more creative things, and trying new things. I'm of the same mindset, I may not be great at the things I try or want to do, but if it gives me peace - or if it's fun, why not?

I've always loved photography - you don't have to take an entire course - you can always take a 1 day workshop (more manageable, less commitment, and you can still try it out.) Two words for you: Groupon Coupon.

Karen O.

canvasofculture said...

love reading about your goals! all very admirable:) great blog and good luck this year!

lou lou said...

Hello Sheri

You shine so bright sheri - you really do.

what a beautiful post - thank you for letting us in to some of your points of inspiration.
and well done to actually have put it done on "paper" or print for that matter.


Have a wonderful day,

loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


Anonymous said...

These are such good goals! I need to do all of these myself, except for maybe #3. :o) I'm perfectly content NOT having a job right now.

Trying to look on the bright side all the time is a high priority for me, too. When I do that, i have an easier job being nicer to my husband and treating my daughter better even when she acts up. :o) It gives you perspective. But I don't need to tell you that. You always seem positive and upbeat!

Sorry your husband had to go to urgent care and you were all sick!!! Hopefully we're just getting all of this icky stuff out of the way early so we can enjoy the rest of the winter! :o)

hope in high heels said...

Glad everything worked out fine with your husband! Thanks for sharing your goals - I'm inspired to write mine down as well (as it's the only way I'll stick to them!). I always wanted to do a photography course and am doing one now and absolutely loving it.