Friday, December 30, 2011

Maria tweeted me!!


So yesterday I bought a label maker.
I LOVE it.  I am obsessed with it.
I am labelling everything I can get my little hands on.
It's a tip that Maria Menounos has in her book, which I have mentioned
so much that you guys are probably bored by now.

So last night I tweeted this:
Bought a label maker today! Just a bit obsessed, labelling everything in sight.@mariamenounos would be proud. : )

And I woke up this morning to this:

@tuylgirl I am so proud:)!

See?!! OMG!
She tweeted me back.
I absolutely love her!
You know, in case you didn't notice.
I even took a screenshot of her account.
I know, I'm a dork.
There I am!  @tuylgirl right at the top.
I'm keeping it for all posterity.
; )


dana @ wonder forest said...

hahaha you are so funny!!
xo dana

lou lou said...

you are hilarious!

ummm... yes sorry - you were a little behind.

I can imagine what your house is starting to look like now - you may even label the toilet paper :)

Miss Sheri

thank you so much for your lovely comments and coming to my blog - you help brighten my day. You have a true heart and it's been lovely to have met you through blogging. I am grateful. x (more than you may know).

Wishing you and your family peace and good health always (happiness and success comes from that :)

Have a wonderful new year,

loulou, hereiamloulou blog


Bravoe Runway said...

AHHHHHH OMG Maria Menounos tweeted back????? AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love her too! This is awesome Sheri a wonderful way to end the year :D