Monday, November 7, 2011

New do

Happy Monday, sweetlets!
Good weekend?

We hit the mall on Friday night
*one of my fave places*
We had a bite to eat and then wandered around,
things are starting to look holiday-ish.
LOVE it!

We are still fighting tummy bugs in our house so it was a sorta low-key weekend.
Ready to feel better now, geez!

So I promised a style post every week in October
and I had to skip the last week in the month due to it being
crazy, busy, emotional
and really, my heart wasn't in it.
My Grandma is still deteriorating
thank you EVERYONE for all your kind words.
You have no idea how much that means to me.
Sending you ALL hugs, 
I hope you can feel the warmth like I have felt from you.

So I was talking a while back about chopping my hair.
I did it!

I like it a lot.  I'm sure in a month I'll be pining away
for my long hair.
But really, it was time for a change.
Actually if I could change my hair weekly, I would SO do it.
I get bored.

Top and belt: F21
Jeans: Winners
Boots:  Real Canadian Superstore, yes you read that right!

My 5 year old took these pics for me.
Thus the interesting quality... : )
hehe...nice Mommy, puttin' her to work!

I'm linking up with Monday Mingle!

Enjoy your Monday, or Tuesday, whatever day it is in your neck of the woods!!


SassyUptownChic said...

Sheri, your haircut looks awesome girl! I LOVE IT! Ohhh, still praying for your grandmother. Hate to hear that. I know that's hard. ((HUG)) I love the decorations the stores put up. It really gets you in the spirit. Just hate the crowds. HAHAHA Have a good Monday girl! :)

Ashley said...

Your haircut looks so good! Cute outfit too!

Mimi said...

You look gorgeous, I love how your 5 year old photographed you. Mimi xx

Anonymous said...

Have come in from Lou lous blog, so not sure what your hair was like but it looks good with the outfit and your 5 year old takes pretty good shots. x

loulou said...


You look extra smoking hot babe!

Holy moly - you seriously are 'doing it for themselves'.

I am sad for you (still) for your grandma and hugs always.

Love the new chop - seriously, I wish I could get my hair down to that length - I had great thoughts that I was going to grow it and It is short and shabby (I had a trim last weekend and It hasn't made much difference). I think I am resigned to the fact of having to have short hair forever as mine is soooooo thick - at least it suits me though.

have a wonderful day gorgeous gal

loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


Bravoe Runway said...

Sheri, I am a day late! Your new hairstyle looks awesome! I love it and the length is perfect. You can still do a lot with it! I really like the outfit, the boots are beautiful! Your photographer did a great job!

Jill said...

Sorry to read about your Grandmother :(

You look lovely.