Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is anyone else taking this time change hard?
Holeee mother, it is knocking this girlie out.
But I LOOOOVE that it's light out in the evening.
The girls and I went for a lovely walk last night.
It felt so good to get some fresh air and it wasn't dark at 4pm.

I have been absent from YOUR blogs for a few days, my lovelies,
but I just needed a break from everything.
I am looking forward to catching up on what you all are doing!!

For now, here is a pretty pic, just for you.

Spring is sprungin' and I couldn't be happier!
Today it rained briefly, it smelled so fresh after.
Oh until it turned into snow.
And now it's sunny.
Welcome to my weird part of the world.
; )
I hope your week is turning out to be fabulo-so!


Katherine said...

Lovely photograph! I hope spring weather comes soon :)

Franka said...

Waiting for spring, too!!!!

♥ Franka

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I do well in the evenings. Not so much in the mornings. hahaha I feel that I can get a lot more accomplished in the evening. LOVE that picture Sheri. It's so pretty girl. I have to take blog breaks too. It can be a lot! Hope all is well. ((HUG))