Thursday, June 23, 2011

Special Moments and a Frozen Pizza

Let's face it. There are days when you either don't have time to cook a decent meal or you really just don't feel like it. Today was the latter for me so frozen pizza it was! We bought some thin crust pizzas that are really delicious! This one was Buffalo Chicken. I did make corn on the cob too. That took a teeny bit of effort.

And maaaaybe the reason for my lack of supper-making motivation was because I had my head buried in my computer. I do that way too often and sometimes I feel that I need to do it less so as not to miss out on special moments. Like this one.

I caught one of my girls out on the deck reading to her imaginary class. So sweet. She is so excited that she can read better and better everyday and I LOVE that. I love to read and I want my girls to have the same passion for a really good book. I'm so glad I came up for air long enough to see that. Must do that more often. ♥

Tell me about one of your favourite reads!

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