Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glow Dough

I found this website on Pinterest that I absolutely 
I spent over an hour last night perusing it 
and getting so many ideas for crafts for my
girls to do.
This one was easy to do and the cool factor was through the roof!
Glow in the dark playdoh!

I made the playdoh and added 4 different colours of neon paint
although under the black light
the yellow and green looked the same.

Thank you to my hubby for going to two different stores
to find the tube-style black light.
: D

We set up a table and chairs in the bathroom,
the darkest room in the house.
Hey, it worked so why not, right?!

And the girls played
and loved how the playdoh glowed,
as well as their own shirts and even their teeth!
Love those black lights.

For the how-to
check out
They have amazing ideas!

We also did perler bead crafts,
here are their masterpieces

That is a well-used table these are on, as you can see.
: )
Happy Crafting!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter, sweets!
Speaking of sweets, I have consumed
an awful lot of chocolate in 2 days.
Those easter cream eggs are my weakness, I tell ya!

We had my Dad's side of the family over
for a potluck dinner yesterday.
It was absolutely wonderful!
Tonnes of food, lots of visiting
a wee bit of tasty beverages.

We did an egg hunt for the 6 kids and my mom
had made up baskets full of goodies for prizes.

I adore my family, it was a great evening!

Thank you to everyone that has sent me happy thoughts
on my first week of work.
It went well!

I put so much pressure on myself that I feel
like I should be a pro already.
And I feel that others expect it of me too.
Why do I do that to myself?
Anyway, I think once the learning curve has flattened, 
I will enjoy working there.

It was SUPER hard to only see my girls for a short time 
in the evenings before they went to bed.
The evenings were crazy getting ready for the next day.
This is going to be a big transition for us all.

I am trying to check in on you, lovelies, as I have time
and figure out a good routine for everything.
I miss you guys!

Have a fantastic Easter and an even better week ahead!!